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Like never before.../Here comes the sun...


The Dream Project | My Fairytale Ever After

@ddlovato: @CollinsKey blew me away with his magic on set … sooooooo I invited him on the #neonlightstour2014 {x}

Reflecting on some of the painful experiences I've been through, I realize how hard it can beto overcome sadness and pain. I realize that time doesn't heal all wounds completely, but it helps the pain subside. No matter how long it takes, you will feel better at some point. You will accept what has passed.



lmao omg

that tongue would look better between my legs

Behind the scenes of Heart Attack (x)


★Mermaid Girl★


this photo will be the death of me

the female boss


The Dream Project | My Fairytale Ever After


white people who literally just don’t get it: a memoir





Also their clothes (pockets, pockets, pockets).

if stuff is made for men, it’s practical and helps them be human beings

if stuff is made for women, it’s pretty and helps us be decoration

You forgot, the stuff made for women is also more expensive

Will never NOT reblog stuff such as this.

Sara. Spain. 24. The wild kid. History and Science of Music student. Greece. Education. GLBT. Vampires. Manga. Singing. Dancing??? Piano. Bass. Guitar. Writing. Reading. DDR & PIU. Cooking. Chocolate, please. Glee. Warehouse 13. Lost girl. OITNB. Tiaom. Brittana. Dantana. Bering and Wells. Doccubus. THE UNHOLY TRINITY ADDICTED!!! Poetry. Art. Diversity. Love. PEACE. Dolly Haze is my spirit animal. My pervertgleeks <3. Heavy Metal, Greek Music and K-Pop/J-Pop. Helena Paparizou, Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, Cher Lloyd and Ivi Adamou stole my heart. After School & Chocolat, Faberritana (I also love the actresses, of course), Darren Criss, Sakis Rouvas, lesbian TV shows and movies and the Eurovision Song Contest... Yeah, I know, so weird!!! Photobucket
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